Toyoko Inn Co. Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “we” or “us”) are strongly
aware of the importance of our customers’ personal information and strive to appropriately handle
and manage such information in accordance with the following laws and regulations concerning the
protection of personal information.

Chapter 1 Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
We shall not use the personal information of our customers for any purpose other than the following unless
such other use is required by law or regulation or such other purpose is presented separately.
1. Receipt and management of reservations at hotels operated by us (hereinafter referred to as “the Hotels”)
(including confirmation, change, cancellation, reminder, etc.)
2. Provision of personal authentication and various services for registered users on our website
3. Provision of services at our hotels (accommodation, food and beverage, sales of goods, and sales and provision
of other incidental goods and services)
4. Management of information of Toyoko INN Club Card members and provision of services to members
5. Management of information and provision of services to members of the Toyoko INN Club Corporate
6. Payment, settlement, billing, refund, receipt of cancellation fees, receipt of receipts, and other services related
to settlement of accounts for the services we provide
7. Responding to customer opinions, requests, and inquiries
8. Conducting an accommodation questionnaire on our hotels
9. Distribution of e-mail, information about campaigns and notifications
10. Prevention of illegal contracts and unauthorised use and non-payment of our services, and to investigate and
handle such conducts when it occurs
11. To investigate and respond to failures, malfunctions and accidents in our systems and networks
12. To respond to the notices and instructions issued by the laws and regulations and/or administrative authorities
13. Survey and analysis of usage of our services, and marketing
14. To communicate and provide information related to transactions with our affiliated business entities, and to
other matters
2. Acquisition of Personal Information
We acquire the following personal information from the customer to the extent necessary for the purpose of
use set forth in the preceding paragraph.
1. Basic information (address, name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, e-mail address, phone
number, facsimile number, postal mail address, etc.)
2. Additional information (occupation, work location information (company name, address, telephone number,
department, position, etc.))
3. Payment information (credit card number, bank account information, invoice address, receipt address, etc.)
4. Service usage information we provide (accommodation history, facility usage, product purchase status, etc.)
5. Contact information sent to us (e-mail, website form entry, facsimile, telephone memos, letters, questionnaire
answers, etc.)
6. Information gathered using the security system installed in our hotels (security cameras, etc.)
7. Information automatically collected on our website (cookies, IP addresses, browser types, access dates and
times, etc.)
8. Matters to be stated in the registration form (address, name, occupation, nationality, passport number, age,
previous accommodation, post accommodation, arrival date, departure date, guest room number, etc.)
9. Matters to be stated in the Toyoko Inn Club Card Application Form (name, gender, telephone number, address,
nationality, zip code, face photograph, passport copy (only for persons other than Japanese nationality), etc.
Please submit an official document in order to confirm your identity.)
3. Management of Personal Information
We have established a management system for personal information in accordance with the actual conditions
of our business operations, and are committed to keep customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date
to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use described in Chapter 2. We take necessary and
appropriate measures for the safety management of personal information, such as the prevention of leakage,
loss or damage of such personal information. In addition, we strive to raise employee awareness by thoroughly
conducting in-house education on protection of personal information so that all employees engaged in the work
of handling customers’ personal information can properly handle such information.
4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties except in the following cases:
In addition, in order to jointly use the customer’s personal information, the act of providing the customer’s
personal information between Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. and affiliated companies shall not fall under the category
of disclosure or provision to third parties in this subsection.
1. With the consent by the data subject himself/herself
2. Where disclosure or provision is required to the extent permitted by laws and regulations
3. Where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and is difficult to obtain consent from
the data subject
4. Where it is necessary for the national and local public entities, etc. to cooperate in the execution of public
affairs, and where there is a risk that the execution of such affairs will be hindered by obtaining the consent
from the data subject
5. Disclosure or provision of statistical data (information that cannot identify the data subject’s identity)
6. In cases of merger, acquisition, transfer of operation, and other reason in connection with the succession of the
5. Outsourcing of the duties
Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we may consign part of business operation to
provide customers with products and services to consignee and provide customers’ personal information
within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of us.
6. Transfer of Personal Information to Japan and Overseas
Pursuant to the provisions in the two preceding paragraphs, we will take necessary and appropriate measures in
accordance with the laws and regulations of the transferring countries when providing customer personal
information between our Group companies or to the consignee.
7. Anonymised data (applies to ⑩ and ⑪ described in point 3 above)
We will take appropriate measures to ensure that it is not possible to identify specific individuals or to restore
the original personal data. The creation of anonymised data and its provision to third parties will be carried out
to the extent permitted by law.
1) Compliance with relevant laws and guidelines
We will handle anonymised data properly with following the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
(APPI), other regulations, “Guidelines on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information” as well as other
2) Process of anonymised data creation
We will process information of customers in order to create anonymised data in accordance with processing
criteria regulated by APPI.
【main processing examples】
1. deletion of information that enables us to identify specific individuals
2. deletion of personal identification code
3. deletion of codes that may connect information
4. deletion of unique information
5. other measures that take account of the nature of the personal information data bases
3) Personal information used in anonymised data
6. age (generation), gender, accommodation date
4) Provision of anonymised data to third parties
Personal information included in anonymised data and the way of provision are followings:
7. We provide the anonymised data described in ①② and ③ of subitem 3)
8. How we provide the data
 stored in storage devices like DVDs in order to be able to confirm the transfer
 provision by servers with appropriate access rights management
 additionally provision will take place in a way that has proper security measures (encryption or passwords
settings) to prevent leakage or theft of information
5) Security management measures
We will supervise our employees who handle anonymised data to ensure that they comply with security
management measures in accordance with internal rules.
6) Prohibition of identification
We will not combine anonymised data with other information for the purpose of identification (reidentification) of specific individuals, when using anonymised data created by us.
8. Acquisition and use of logs our website
1. This website uses Google Analytics to collect and analyse access logs.
2. Google Analytics uses cookies* to collect logs without using information that identify individuals. Access logs
collected are managed based on the privacy policy of Google Inc.
* Cookies are files that are stored on your computer by a website you visit. When using our webpages,
information is exchanged between your browser and our servers, which are stored as a usage log. In the cookie
on your computer an identifier is stored, with which the usage logs can be assigned. The setting options for
cookies vary from browser to browser, so please use the help menu in your browser to change cookie settings.
3. For more information on the privacy policy of Google Inc. can be found here:
Terms of Service:
Phone (Hours from 9:00 to 17:30 on weekdays JST)
032-255-1045 FROM 9:00 TO 6:00PM ON WEEKDAYS
Email General Information on Data Protection:
Data Protection Notice:
4. This website uses the Google Analytic’s advertising feature to analyse the age, gender and interests of users.
They do not collect and store them in a way that implies your identity. The following functions are used:
· Report of user analysis and interest categories
If you want to stop Google Analytics on our site, use the cookie functions of your browser or use the Google
Analytics Opt-Out ** add-on, depending on your browser’s settings. You can download the add-on at the
following link:
** Opt-out means refusing a cookie that clearly assigns information to a specific user. You can therefore
prevent Google from creating a profile about you.
9. Requests by data subjects
We will respond promptly after verifying your identity, unless otherwise required by law, if you receive the
following request from a data subject:
1. Notice of the purpose of use of personal information
2. Disclosure of personal information held by us
3. Correction, addition or deletion of personal information (If the content of personal information is incorrect)
4. Suspension or deletion of personal information (If the personal information is handled or was collected in
violation of a law)
5. Suspension of provision of personal information to a third party (If personal information is provided to a third
party in violation of a law.
10. Changes in Privacy Policy
We may change the contents of this Privacy Policy. In such case, the latest content will be promptly posted on
our website. In addition, the changed contents shall take effect from the time we post them on our website.
11. Inquiries regarding the protection of personal information
If you wish to inquire or modify your personal information, or make inquiries regarding the above personal
information protection policy, please contact the following and we will respond promptly:
Date of revision: 01.09.2021