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Our Rooms


All 582 guest rooms are carefully sanitized and undergo thorough disinfection for the safety of all our valued guest. A business hotel room is designed with the needs of business travelers in mind. It provides you with a comfortable and relaxing way to feel the Japanese style of comfort. It typically features a comfortable bed, work desk, high-speed Wi-Fi access and ample lighting to support productivity. All rooms are equipped with a hot and cold rain shower, bidet and bathtub. It is a functional and comfortable space that allows guests to work and unwind with ease.




Single room is typically designed to accommodate one person and a great option for a single traveler. All in sobriety, the private bathroom with Japanese toilets and small bath has everything you need to ensure your well-being. Single room has only 2 rooms per floor and available for both smoking and non smoking room.


With a double size bed good for 2 person. It was designed for travelers/guests who wants to stay with a reasonable rate. This clean, light room in subdued colors offers a quiet resting place in the heart of the city. It is also equipped with a functional bathroom with Japanese washing toilet.





King Double room with a room size of 15 meter-squared good for 2 person. It typically features a king-sized bed with plush pillow and high-quality linens to ensure comfortable night’s sleep. A king room is a perfect choice for a guest looking to indulge in a little extra comfort during their stay.





Twin Room is equipped with 2 single beds. It was designed to comfortably accommodate two guest, each with their own bed with a touch of a panoramic city view.

The bathroom is equipped with a Japanese washing toilet and the hotel has a small fridge to keep your meals cool. Covering an area of ​​16 m², this room is ideal for 2 guests and a controlled budget.





Twin C Room is designed with a 2 Queen sized bed that can accommodate maximum of 4 persons. It was designed for a very reasonable rate for all group travelers or guest.




Deluxe Twin Room

Deluxe Twin room is equipped with 1 king size and 1 queen size bed and has a room size of 26 meter-squared. This is a plus room for all guest/travelers who wants to stay with comfort together with their families or groups. This room is equipped with a kitchenette and dining table for a more relaxing stay.




Deluxe Twin C Room

Deluxe Twin C Room is a family room that has kitchenette and dining table. It was designed to offer guests ab exceptional level of comfort and luxury, making them ideal for group, family, business travelers or anyone who wants to indulge in a little extra luxury during their stay.




Pet Friendly Room

A pet friendly room can be cozy and fun space for your fur babies. It is equipped with a humidifier and other necessary amenities needed for your fur babies while staying with comfort. It has a welcoming and comfortable space for your beloved companion.




Heartful Room

Heartful room is an accessible room for our beloved guest with disabilities. It was developed to make the hotel convenient and comfortable for everyone to use.